Our Bespoke Codelgniter Services

  • Codelgniter web development
  • CodeIgniter application development
  • Codelgniter Integration Services
  • CodeIgniter portal development
  • CodeIgniter maintenance and support
  • Codelgniter Upgradation Services

About Codelgniter Development

Being specialized in MVC framework and custom web application development, our Codeigniter developers are well-experienced in the development, integration and upgradation services of the Codelgniter services. According to your business requirements, our expertise developers can create cost-effective and user-friendly web applications that can gives your business quick turnaround. Our PHP developers and designers can deliver unique and tailored web solutions for bringing dynamic and radical changes in your business.

  • CodeIgniter is an open source, lightweight, fast, application framework based on PHP with the huge Community of Users.
  • CodeIgniter’s full-range of libraries is handy to access the database, send an email, validate form data, maintain the session, manipulate an image, and work with XML-RPC data.
  • As additional libraries are loaded upon request, keeping the base system is lean and fast.
    By providing a simple interface and logical structure, it reduces the bulk of the code needed for a task.
  • Build on the Model-View-Controller pattern CodeIgniter set apart application logic from presentation, obviating the need of template engine.
  • Employing segment-based approach it generates search-engine-friendly URLs.
  • CodeIgniter extended by using libraries, helpers, or through class extensions or system hooks.